Support Details

AMEL believes that in too many business users are not getting the right level of IFS support from their organisation.

  • Lack of sufficient internal business resources with the right skills at the point of need (e.g. Super users)
  • Lack of formal processes and SLAs to hold support providers accountable for such service
  • Lack of useful user support documentation from the project to support the solution
  • Lack of speedy reaction and formal escalation to the vendor when answers cannot be obtained internally
  • Lack of clarity of support goveronance and roles within the organisation. For example who are the owners for the application, data, reports, etc.?

AMEL can help in shaping the right internal support governance and services to work effectively with the vendor’s 3rd line support arrangement.

Our Approach

We follow a structured methodology to assess where our clients are with their IFS support and where they can improve internally. Our services do not touch the internal processes or services of the vendor.

Step 1: Baseline – We work with the client to findout about the current IFS support setup

  • 1st Line Support Structure
  • 2nd Line Support Structure
  • IFS Support Governance
  • Current internal IFS Support Capacity and Skills
  • Tickets Volume and Status
  • Support Tools

Step 2: Discovery - We conduct anĀ onsite support assessment to determine the scale, scope and complexity of the support requirements. The discovery step will identify the support gaps and how best to fill them.

AMEL gurantees the following outputs from its Discovery Step:

  • Support Strategy – aims, scope, approach, roadmap
  • Risks Assessment
  • Communications Plan
  • Support Tools

Step 3: Support Delivery – Once the discovery phase outputs are approved, AMEL can help the support organisation fulfil its responsibilities

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