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E-Helpers FAQ

1. How can I benefit from E-Helpers services?

Our E-Helpers cover all areas of IFS, and provide remote assistance for Functional, Technical, Development or Training.

This service provides you with flexible and on-demand resolutions, at a cost effective price.

You are also entitled to use our  Hub & Forum to get answers to issues and connect with other organisations in your industry.

2. What are the main options available when engaging with E-Helpers?

IFS customers have a number of ways to get assistance from E-Helpers.

Option 1: On Demand/Flexible – For example – Start with a technical health check and see what the priorities are and how much you want to invest.

Option 2: Statement of Work – For example – you want to implement new functionality and would like a quote on how we can support you remotely.

 Please note all hours purchased have no expiry date – so you bank them and use them when you need to on any area – functional, technical, development or training.

3. Are the website and services part of the vendor (IFS)?

No. E-Helpers are part of AMEL Consulting Limited. All E-Helpers are either full time employees of AMEL Consulting or contracted associates.

AMEL Consulting and its E-Helpers team are totally independent from the IFS vendor and all information presented and shared on this website, IFS Hub and Forum is not reviewed or approved by the vendor.

4. Should our company come off the vendor support?

E-helpers is additional capacity and capability for your third line support. It is not a replacement for your maintenance support contract with IFS.

You will need the vendor’s support to get software fixes to defects, your regular releases and upgrades. We do not recommend coming off the vendor support.

5. Who are the IFS consultants who deliver the E-Helpers services?

A combination of independent and permanent consultants-specialists who can support the IFS software across modules either remotely and/or on-site. The E-Helpers team consists of some of the industry’s most skilled and experienced consultants. On average our E-Helpers have 10 years of IFS delivery experience.

6. What skills and capabilities exist within the E-Helpers team?

Our consultants knowledge covers all areas of IFS including Technical, Functional, Reporting, Data and support for all of the modules within IFS software (CRM, Engineering, Procurement, Production, Finance, HRM, Document Management, Project Management, Warehouse Management and others).

7. What is the  Hub and how do I gain access to it?

The Hub is a database of hundreds of IFS issues along with the solutions that have been given by our E-Helpers. If you are one of our customers, you can request access here and we will activate your account and provide you with the login details.

8. What is the  Forum and how do I gain access to it?

The Forum is a  professional forum where you can discuss your software issues with IFS users with similar problems. If you are one of our customers, you can request access here and we will activate your account and provide you with the login details

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