Our Partners

Amel Consulting has established some complementary technology and delivery partners in Europe, America and the Middle East.

We work with selected Technology specialists to deliver benefits to our customers.

Our team can call on our partners to provide services in the following areas:

      • Software Development
      • Mobile applications
      • Security
      • Technical infrastructure
      • Cloud Computing hosting
      • Oracle Support
      • Data Replication software





Asyst is a consultancy company based in Turkey with a core group of experts in IFS ERP. AMEL works with their management and consultants to provide IFS assistance to organisations worldwide.


F8 are a consultancy and software development company based in Turkey.  AMEL utilises its facilities and expertise to deliver tailored assistance to companies needing IFS /Oracle support or Data Replication software.

Applied IT Savings is a technology organisation based in the UK with a number of leading and innovative products from cloud computing, OSA integration tools and mobile applications to data storage and archiving solutions.


Novacura has a number of software products which can sit on top of the IFS ERP application and help our customers to simplify business processes and data entry using work flow handheld and integration technologies.

El Sakar is a training and management development specialist based in Libya. AMEL utilises its facilities and expertise to deliver tailored management, business and technical solutions to the Oil & Gas sector.


El Mohoub is a software development and training firm. AMEL works with its management and consultants to shape solutions and training programmes to organisations in the Middle East.

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