About Us


About Us

AMEL Consulting is an independent specialist in ERP and CRM in general and the IFS application support and implementation in particular.

In September 2014, we conducted research into the experiences, plans and opinions surrounding IFS APPS 8.
To see a recording of our findings, please click here

E-Helpers are a team of independent experts in IFS who provide you with a fast, cost effective and quality resolutions to any IFS software problem – big and/or small, remotely and/or on-site. We cover the following areas:

      • Functional (e.g. module configurations / business rules)
      • Technical (e.g. system performance / fix installations / environments management)
      • Data (e.g. corruption / uploads / database administration)
      • Reporting (Quick Reports / Qlikview / Crystal Reports)
      • Business Users Training & Coaching

A large number of our customers identified remote assistance as a key service. Our AMEL E-Helpers team can provide you with the following help:

1. Assist your IFS software users with necessary support on a need basis – Design an individual package serving exactly your business needs, scale it up or down depending on your resources and usage.
2. Ensure your peace of mind during specific periods – One month/ 3-months/ Half-a-Year/ Annual Package and/or Audit deadlines, where the application and/or data needs to be in synch with a company’s demands.
3. Give affordable and flexible high quality delivery options remotely and/or on-site.

AMEL E-Helpers has established a unique and dedicated organization to assist IFS customers globally with a 24×7 network of helpdesk services managed through a single system. It includes:

      • One-off services based on the Quotation
      • Management, Project Management and Training/ Coaching solutions for IFS users and end-/ super-users.
      • Professional Forums
      • IFS Knowledge Management/ IFS Knowledge Base – Hub

Please read more information about our services and team in Support Options and E-Helpers sections.  

Registered Office: Amel Consulting Ltd, Pioneer House, Pioneer Business Park, North Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 1AD | Company# 8074111 | VAT# 134773308