AMEL helps clients with rolling out their IFS core solution (blueprint) to global sites using its deployment tool-kit and factory techniques

AMEL believes that the rollout strategy, approach and work stream need to start from day one of an IFS global project. Such critical considerations cannot be left to the rollout stage itself. They must be addressed at the beginning of the project.

Our Approach

We follow a structured methodology to assess where our clients are with their IFS implementation and establish what needs to be rolled out, where and when.

Step 1: Baseline

We work with the client to find out about the current IFS core solution and rollout status.

Step 2: Discovery

We conduct an onsite rollout assessment to determine the scale, scope and complexity of the rollout programme. The discovery step will determine the maturity and completeness of the core solution and the mechanisms to “cut and paste” into the various sites, taking into consideration local needs (e.g. Legal / Tax / Currency / Language).

Step 3: Upgrade Delivery & Support

Once the discovery phase outputs are approved, AMEL can commence delivering the benefits.

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