Customer Feedback

‘We initially engaged with AMEL Consulting through their Educational Webinars and Apps 8 Research and White papers.  They demonstrated a very high level of IFS know-how,practical experience and honesty. (We have found that in all of their educational Webinars, AMEL have focused on adding value to us (as IFS customers) without trying to push their services!) We contacted AMEL Consulting in Oct 14 after weeks of struggling to find appropriate and cost effective assistance for our IFS French rollout implementation.  AMEL responded within the same day, they invested energy to learn about our issues and gave free advice to show their credentials. They have also given us a number of options with very clear action plans and a Statements of Work (at a very attractive cost and with a flexible delivery model).

In our experience so far, AMEL has been exceptionally proactive and responsive to our IFS issues and needs. Emails and requests were answered very quickly (including ones sent very late at night, given the US/European time difference!) The AMEL team – which is a combination of full time and independent consultants – have been managed very effectively. The consultants we are working with have very good IFS experience and business consulting skills. AMEL’s Project Management Office is also playing a vital role in giving us regular status updates on our issues and monthly statements on hours used by our team. They are also proactive in mitigating risks to our implementation. We have no hesitation in recommending AMEL Consulting to support other organizations wishing to implement or improve functionality IFS cost effectively.  They have demonstrated a high level of professionalism, expertise and integrity.’

Jason Strasser – IFS Rollout Implementation Lead – Minco Products

‘Fuaad Buras (of AMEL Consulting) was a major influence in helping us navigate the global IT organisation and ensure the implementation program of the ERP is properly resourced and people are held to account! Not shy from challenging the team for ensuring delivery and performance. Instrumental in getting us over the line (go live) and developing the strategic plan for the change!’

Florin Spataru – HR & Corporate Affairs Director – Damen Shipyards Galati

‘British Red Cross was looking for a suitable Human Resources (HR) Solution to manage its 3000 staff and over 20,000 volunteers. We asked AMEL Consulting as an independent Management Consultancy to lead the software evaluation and selection and help us through the challenges of defining the selection roadmap, process blueprint, project scope, business requirements as well as engaging the relevant business stakeholders and software vendors professionally and fairly. AMEL organised business workshops and used their methodology and templates to help us with capturing and presenting our requirements. They also managed our Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposals (RFP) and involved over 12 major vendors including SAP, Oracle, IFS, Northgate, MidlandHR and Workday. We were very pleased with the open and engaging style as well as their project management and consultancy skills in getting a large number of business stakeholders and vendors through the process successfully – on time and budget.’

Carol O’Neill – Director of Shared Services – British Red Cross

‘Requested Fuaad Buras from AMEL Consulting to help us with a difficult global IFS project with a mixture of challenges – inexperience project management resulting in unrealistic planning, poor stakeholder management leading to expectations misalignment at global and local levels, lack of global blueprint and rollout toolkit and regularly missing promised go live dates which impacted senior management confidence in the overall program. The first challenge for Fuaad was to work with the existing project management and team members and reshape plans and approach to go live with IFS Finance & HRM within 3 months from their starting date. The second challenge was to design, build, test and go live with IFS Engineering, Procurement, Warehouse Management and Production modules in 5 months. Fuaad was successful in meeting both challenges. He has shown a very high level of management consultancy and political awareness to make the project changes required sensitively and successfully. He was also regarded as tough and not shy to deal with poor performers on the project which sometimes is needed to get sustainable progress. As the overall sponsor from the IS organisation, I felt that I could always rely on his integrity, honesty and constructive challenges, even when I did’t like what I heard. I would certainly recommend him for future IFS projects.’

Marc de Thouars - Global IT Director – Damen Shipyards Group 2012-2014

‘AMEL have been instrumental in assessing where we are with our legacy systems and interfacing with external governmental departments. They worked in a structured way to capture the as-is and provide us with clarity on the new integration strategy and options. Despite the fact that many of the technologies were obsolete and there was no documentation available, the team succeeded in capturing the required information quickly and cost effectively and devised a middleware solution to help us with future integrations.We consider AMEL as an important independent advisor for our business.’

Mutha Boker - Senior Manager - Consumer Division - Al Whada Bank

‘We worked with AMEL consultants on two projects. In one project they led the evaluation and selection of the software tool. They used their methodology to help us with our requirements and select the appropriate vendor. In the second project, they led the training of the staff on the new tool. They used templates to baseline skills and devised multi layered courses to meet needs. In both projects the team have demonstrated excellent organisational and delivery skills. They were well liked and trusted by the staff. We have no hesitation in using AMEL again in the future.’

Osama el Fatwery – Training Director - Gulf Oil

‘Fuaad led a major programme of change for 2.5 years. Initially conducting a successful feasibility study (that was approved), and subsequently driving the programme to replace legacy solutions with a package. Honest, very hardworking and forthright. Dependable and completely trustworthy.  Whilst adhering to good Project Management principles and standards, Fuaad also introduced different techniques to motivate and drive the right solutions. A strong Manager.  I enjoyed working with Fuaad and learnt from him’

Mike Spalding - IT Director - BSS Group

‘I was leading the IFS business team when Fuaad Buras (of AMEL Consulting) joined us as a Management Consultant / IFS Project Manager to help us with the project delivery. Fuaad played a key role over a 12 month period in helping us reshape the project structure and improve our engagement with the Global IS organisation during challenging times. He was key in highlighting delivery issues to senior managers and getting the required resources and environments for us to deliver. You can always rely on Fuaad to give his direct and honest views on what is / isn’t working and ways to overcome it.  He doesn’t shy away from challenging weak proposals. I appreciated his honesty, willingness to roll up his sleeves and help others  as well as  his dedication to be away from home for long periods to get us over the line (go live) successfully. I have no hesitation in recommending Fuaad for other projects.’

Doru Gaibar – Technical Director

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