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Early Adopters of IFS APPS 8 Survey Feedback

Posted on June 7, 2012

AMEL Consulting conducted independent interviews (during May – June 2012) with the five early adopters and captured their APPS 8 journey – key drivers, achievements, challenges and lessons.

Summary key headlines…

Across industry representation: The Early Adopters worked with the vendor to test the APPS 8 version and provide feedback prior to market release. The Early Adopters come from different industries, cultures, regions and business models:

  • Portsmouth Aviation
  • Bright Point
  • Teracom
  • Remmele Engineering
  • VBG Group

Pre-market Release Software: All Early Adopters are now live with Beta 2 release.

Vendor Feedback: Software fixes and approved requirements are expected by the Early Adopters in the upcoming Market Release (MR) which is planned for Q3 of 2012.

Upgrade duration: On average it took 5-6 months to carry out the full upgrade cycle (from planning, installation through to design, build, test, migration and deployment). All started considerations early 2011 and most projects started Aug/Sep 2011. All early adopters went live between Jan –Apr 2012.

Acceptance: All early adopters felt there was little resistance from end users for the new look and feel. On average 2 hours were sufficient to train current users on the new client interface.

Hardware Considerations: 20%-30% of end users’ computers needed upgrading to meet the new capabilities offered by APPS 8. Some early adopters used the upgrade as an opportunity to bring the end users’ computers up to the standard required. (.Net client require 2GB RAM)

Sponsorship: Senior management sponsorship from the vendor and customer was a key factor in resolving issues and ensuring timelines were kept to.

Customisations: Modifications reduced in general by 40%. Portsmouth Aviation did not uplift any of its modifications from the older version. This was attributed to the new functionality and the Custom Field capabilities.

Deployment: Most early adopters are piloting the APPS 8 solution. Some however have gone with a “big bang” approach – all users across multiple locations on the same instance with multi companies and multi sites setup.

Mobile Technology: Two early adopters implemented handheld touchpad applications such as “notify me”. Some early adopters have left this to the next stage of their upgrade (post Sep12).


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