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APPS 8 vs. APPS 9 Upgrade? 55% of respondents are intending to go straight to APPS 9

Posted on June 22, 2015

AMEL Consulting conducted an extensive research on customers intentions for upgrading their IFS software.

Fifty five (55) customers from across regions and industries completed the survey. This has provided us with indicative view on upgrade intentions and reasons.

The research was independent of the software vendor (IFS) and was conducted to assess the upgrading intentions of customers who are still on older versions of IFS (7.5 and older). Research key messages include:

1. IFS Upgrade Status

38% of the companies who took part in the survey have upgraded to APPS 8, leaving 62% still operating on older versions of IFS.

2. APPS 9 Upgrade Intentions

16% of companies surveyed would consider an upgrade to APPS 9 in 2015, with another 30% considering it in 2016. 16% of the respondents would not consider an upgrade to APPS 9 until 2017 or later.  38% of those surveyed had no firm plans to upgrade yet.

3. Upgrade to APPS 8 or APPS 9 ?

27% of the respondents are considering upgrading to APPS 8, with 55% choosing to wait for the release of APPS 9 before upgrading.

 4. Reasons for Upgrading

62% of companies responded with leverage new functionality/enhancements as the main reason for upgrading. This was followed closely with 42% of respondents choosing improved software performance and reliability. Reduced number of customisations was the third highest reason for upgrading at 38%, with 35% selecting improved end users buy-in satisfaction. Only 12% chose comply with vendor request (software supportability) as a driver for upgrading.

15% of those surveyed gave additional reasons for upgrading, which included:

  • To eliminate modifications.
  • Reduced overall cost.
  • Oracle support for 10g ended.
  • Using synergies from Quotation to Delivery.


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