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Monthly Archive: June 2015

APPS 8 vs. APPS 9 Upgrade? 55% of respondents are intending to go straight to APPS 9

Posted on by Fuaad Buras

AMEL Consulting conducted an extensive research on customers intentions for upgrading their IFS software. Fifty five (55) customers from across regions and industries completed the survey. This has provided us with indicative view on upgrade intentions and reasons. The research was independent of the software vendor (IFS) and was conducted to assess the upgrading intentions of customers [...]

Telecommunication manufacturing company with sites across the globe engages AMEL E-Helpers for IFS & Oracle remote support.

Posted on by Fuaad Buras

Assignment Scope Technical and Performance Health Checks Oracle Performance Assessment IFS Setup & Configuration Troubleshooting E-Helpers are a team of independent experts in IFS who provide you with fast, cost effective and quality resolutions to any IFS software problem – big or small on an hourly on-demand basis

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