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Business Analytics Educational Webinar – 2nd April 2015

Posted on March 12, 2015

A number of our customers have IFS Business Analytics (BA) as part of their current suite of modules. Others are actively looking for easy to use Reporting/Analytics Tools so they can get better insight into their Financials, Projects, Products, Inventory, Customers and Suppliers. This webinar will touch on the following topics and show how businesses could be making use of Business Analytics.



  • What is Business Analytics
  • Key Benefits

IFS Business Analytics

  • Development Roadmap
  • IFS APPS 8 New Features
  • Main Menu
  • Navigation – Tips & Tricks

Topic 1: Information Sources

  • Introduction to the information sources on different modules

Topic 2: Simple Report Development

  • • How to make a simple report in BA

Topic 3: Repeaters & Filters

  • Adding Filters and Repeaters to the above report
  • Advance Filters
  • Developing a report with advance filters.
  • Row/Column Repeaters
  • How to use Inner and Outer Repeaters

Topic 4: Copy and Paste

  • Design Sheet
  • Design Rules
  • Design Cells

Topic 5: Parameters & Drill Downs

  • How to put Parameters
  • Drill Down
  • How to verify the report results
  • Topic 6: Pivot, Charts & Non-BA Sheets
  • How to use the Pivots in BA
  • How to create Charts using BA

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