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Independent IFS Consultants – Point of View on APPS 8

Posted on September 16, 2012

AMEL has conducted an on-line survey aimed at independent IFS consultants. The survey had a number of aims:

1.  Assessing the current knowledge and capabilities within the independent IFS consultant community on APPS 8;

2. Assessing the appetite of the independent consultants in investing to skill up and  get trained on APPS 8;

3. Identifying the customers’ key risks and barriers for upgrading to APPS 8 – as seen by the independent consultants.

Thirty eight consultants took part in the suvery. The following headlines summarise the key findings of the survey:

1. The majority of independent consultants have highlighted that projects on customer sites will be the main venue for skilling up on APPS 8. This has been the main route in the past for brining their IFS skills up to date with new versions.

2. 50% of the independent consultants surveyed have limited or no real awareness of APPS 8. Some consultants have high level appreciation of APPS 8. Very few independent consultants have hands on experience of the new version so far.

3. Majority (70%) of independent consultants in the survey did not attend APPS 8 trainings or overviews made available since release it on the 24th May 2012.

4. 80% of independent consultants have shown interest in attending on-line training or webinars related to APPS 8.

5. Consultants are interested in receiving information on a wide range of areas on APPS 8.

34 consultants (over 90%) would like a summary list of the new functionality.

Half or more of the consultants were also interested in information on:

  • Summary of new technical architecture changes (21 consultants)
  • New software administration features (21 consultants)
  • Upgrade risks and mitigation strategies (19 consultants)
  • High level upgrade implementation roadmap (18 consultants)

Just under half the consultants were interested in information on:

  • Upgrade benefits (17 consultants)
  • Upgrade installation process (16 consultants)
  • Changes to the database model (14 consultants)
  • Upgrade costs (14 consultants)
  • List of new management reports (13 consultants)

6. Majority of independent consultants are willing to invest in their APPS 8 training

  •  12 respondents would want to pay less than $1,000
  • 8 respondents between $1,000 and $2,000.
  • 2 respondents would invest over $3,000.
  • The largest group of respondents (14) were unsure how much they would invest.

7. Consultants consider the top three issues that could prevent IFS customers from upgrading to IFS as follows :

  • Financial: cost of upgrade (25 consultants)
  • Priorities: Business has more important initiatives (22 consultants)
  • Business case: No clear ROI (17 consultants)

The consultants perceptions are very similar to those expressed by 39 customer organisations  participating in an previous survey survey where the top three issues highlighted were:

  • Priorities: the business has more important initiatives (26 organisations)
  • Financial: the cost of an upgrade (18 organisations)
  • Business case: there is no clear ROI (17 organisations)

8. Consultants perceived the three main risks for IFS customers as follows:

  • Customisations: Too many modofications in current version (30 consultants)
  • Business Ownership: Lack of business owners to implement and support (19 consultants)
  • Senior Management Support: Lack of senior sponsorship (15 consultants)

9. Consultants perceived the main benefits for their existing customer base for an upgrade to APPS 8 as follows:

  • New developments and functionalities (27 consultants)
  • Custom field capabilities (19 consultants)
  • Reduction of level of customisations (19 consultants)
  • New browser interface IEE (17 consultants)

10. The numbers of existing customers highlighted by consultants as currently considering APPS 8 upgrade are as follows:

  •  1 customer (15 consultants)
  • 2 customers (6 consultants)
  • 3 customers (5 consultants)
  • 4 or more customers (2 consultants)

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