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IFS Customers Survey – Upgrading to APPS 8?

Posted on June 25, 2012

AMEL is in the process of completing a comprehensive and global IFS customers’ survey. The aims of the survey are to:

  1. Assess IFS customers’ appetite to upgrade from their current version to APPS 8
  2. Identify when customers are considering to upgrade
  3. Capture customers’ key issues, risks and concerns when going through the upgrade
  4. Identify the type of information needed by management to plan and deliver an upgrade

The full analysis and report will be provided to IFS customers who have taken part in this survey. If you would like to participate and receive a copy of the full report, please send your request to and you will be sent the link.

 Highlights of the survey on 27th June 2012 @ 17:00BST

(Please note. The full detailed report will be sent to participating customers only)

1) Participants Profiles

1.1. Information has been provided by 35 major organisations across the following areas:

· Aerospace and Defence,

· Automotive,

· Construction and Contracting,

· Engineering,

· High Tech,

· Industrial Manufacturing,

· Oil and Gas,

· Process Manufacturing,

· Retail and Wholesale

· Service Providers

· Waste Management

1.2 Organisations range in size, in terms of number of full time employees, from under 100 full time employees ( 5 organisations) to over 5000 ( 5 organisations). All organisation sizes across this spectrum are represented. The largest group is organisations with 100-300 employees (10 organisations).

1.3 Over half the respondents (18) are Departmental Heads and 10 are Senior Managers. Respondents also include Board Members, Engineers, an Implementation Project Manager and a Controller.

1.4 Twenty-three (23) respondents have worked at the organisation for over 5 years, 15 for over 10 years and all for at least a year.

1.5 The largest group has 20+ sites globally (10 organisations).

The second largest group has 5-10 sites (8 organisations).

Organisations are also represented across the full range including those with one site (4 organisations).

2) Level of appetite for upgrade

9 respondents rate the organisation’s appetite for upgrade as high, 12 as average and 1 as low.

3) Upgrade intentions

3 respondents expect to upgrade this year (2012).

12 next year (2013), 7 in 2014 and 5 in 2015.

4) The main reasons given for the upgrade to APPS 8 are:

· New developments and functionalities (25 organisations),

· Custom field capabilities (17 organisations) and

· New browser interface IEE (16 organisations).

Other reasons given by 10 or more organisations are:

· Extensions incorporated into APPS 8 and

· Reducing the level of customisations.

5) The top three issues that could prevent a business from upgrading to IFS are:

· Priorities: the business has more important initiatives (24 organisations)

· Business case: there is no clear ROI (16 organisations)

· Financial: the cost of an upgrade (16 organisations)

Other issues cited are:

· Need for improvement of current IFS implementation first

· Insufficient capacity

· Limited skills

· Waiting for full release of product


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